Lo impossible

Yet another feel-horrible tale of lucky people in a tragedy.

You can’t in conscience call this a fell-good tale, considering it’s about the tsunami on Christmas 2004. Just a story of sheer luck and perseverance amongst thousands of similar stories that ended tragically.

The special effects are pretty impressive, you get the feeling you are getting dragged by a tsunami from the comfort of your couch. Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor need no praise, but Tom Holland did a great job, something I’m happy to see it was noticed by people.

There was some noise about white washing, since the family this portrays is Spanish, and in the film everyone talks with a very thick British accent, but it’s hard to buy that considering the family came out in favour of the film, this was produced by Spanish people, filmed partially in Spain and directed by a Spanish. It’s more their sheer luck continuing to manifest, this time by getting A-listers interested in telling their story. Just another case of misaimed outrage, what a surprise.

Even with all the good things you can say about this, I still though it wasn’t something to write home about. Maybe because it really happened, if you imagine this happening to you it’s so horrible that it taints the perception of the film.


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