Ephemera of Vision

This is my place for ramblings about sequences of images that exploit the human visual limitation know as persistence of vision.

Ephemera of Vision

  • The Northman

    A very modern take on the revenge plot even though our “hero” murders uncountable people in the most gruesome ways, his raiders of the land of Rus burn up hundreds in a barn (Come and See, history rhymes), and not even his mother escapes his night blade. This is exactly what Beowulf wanted to be, but wasn’t.

  • Poltergeist

    A 50 years old parable on how screentime in children is bad for them, delivered as a long stretch of PG-13 screentime. Ya’ know, fo’ kids!

  • Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit

    Back to the convent she goes, this time to teach a group of unruly inner city kids what life is all about: bust your ass for a possibility of an education, while external consultants suck the school money into their pockets, until they close it down and earn passive income from the capitalist leeching.

  • Psycho

    Gus van Sant does a shot-for-shot remake, with Anne Heche as Marion, the thief and philanderer, and Vince Fucking Vaughn as Norman Bates. With Viggo Mortensen on the cast, as the married boyfriend!

  • Asteroid City

    Yet another prototypical Wes Anderson film. Not an inch of novelty, no twist on the formula, just whimsical stories within stories, within stories, with the regular cast, deadpan deliveries, and gorgeous visuals. It’s less on the nose than The French Dispatch, but a similar state of mind.

  • Total Recall

    Come on man, I got four kids to feed!

  • A Quiet Place

    As intense as Sicario. A family drama with aliens. And with little to no dialogue. But the ending is very abrupt, there’s no resolution. There’s plenty of sequels though.

  • Solomon Kane

    An origin story. How did a philanderer, murderous wretch privateering in the name of Glorianna, a guy that sailed under Francis Drake, turned into a pilgrim warrior-monk? By watching pilgrims die at the hand of raiders while his vow of peace remained unbroken.

  • Scream

    That’s what I did when I noticed the Miramax logo. The Weinstein treatment. It’s so meta, it even opens with the youngest Barrymore clan member being slashed, to prove this is not your regular Hollywood film.

  • Blood Simple

    A reversed noir with an horror twist. A great start to a meteoric career.

  • Die Hard with a Vengeance

    Starts with a incredible scene and manages to hold up pretty well through the whole film.

  • The Rock

    Classic Michael Bay/Bruckheimer collaboration. Not as much rotating cameras yet, but a lot of shit blows up. It’s also a non-official The Treasure prequel, since Mason gives up the secret location of Hoover’s archive.

  • The Vanished

    Thought it might not be a low budget thriller with mental health plot points (the modern daemonic possession), but it turns out it was a figment of their imagination all along.

  • Blast from the Past

    This is a more romantic twist on Back to the Future, just another excuse to have the good old 40’s and 50’s back in the spotlight. At least the theme park version.

  • Blade Runner

    Like tears in the rain, the sheer visual power seeps into the water table and contaminates all downstream art.

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