A Trojan horse. A tragedy. They lost their marbles. All-the-gory caved in. The best part: none. Ironically, one of the worst classics.

I’m out of puns.

Not that I have seen the other Disney classics as an adult, but this is a weaksauce effort to tell a fantastic story. What makes certain “children’s films” so interesting is how they don’t dumb down adult stories, just dress them up in more childish clothes. That’s the exact opposite of what happens here. Not that I’m demanding an animated version of 300 (well, MORE animated), I just wished that they hadn’t taken so many liberties with the main plot. It’s possible to use mythological stories as a backdrop to soft films, just look at Clash of Titans.

This is a big-budget production, so I can’t in good conscience call this a bad film. It’s colourful, has a grandiose soundtrack and there are still funny jokes and visual gags, but at expense of some seriousness that could elevate this story to the Olympus. As it stands, it’s only as high as Thebes.

I watched the Portuguese dub, which is usually better than the original since they use professional voice actors instead of celebrities, but for James Woods as Hades I’m willing to reconsider.


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