Fucking Predator, literally.

Arecibo downloads a DNA virus that humans happily mix with human cells and grow in a military base, calling it S1L. She (aliens have gender?) has rapid growth, so first they end up with a demure Michelle Williams, and a few days later with a nymphomaniac Natasha Henstridge.

A bunch of academics and a merc hunts her down. There’s The Girl, The Nerd and The Self-help Book Reader. Their boss is The Replicant, the one that seems obviously evil by shedding a single tear in the prologue, but turns out it’s just S1L-fodder. S1lly.

Coitus ensues with The Nerd, and then she turns into a H.R. Giger creation, whereby the gang burns her and his baby. Some rats survive, for the eventual sequel.

The effects alternate between Gremlins and Lawnmower Men-level CGI. The practical effects are a bit better, but the star of the show is seeing Henstridge butt-naked over and over again.

This was much better than I expected.


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