Starsky & Hutch

Yet another Stiller-Owen collaboration. They really make a good team. There are some sideshows that are incapable of overshadowing the leads.

Unfortunately the chucklegoofs are juvenile at best most of the time, even though there are some solid bits. The 70’s element seeps though the film, even in the subjects it portrays. It belongs now to a past that can only be remembered fuzzily and with rose-tinted glasses, which is what this all about. Even when the protagonists from the old TV show appear, it’s simply for name recognition.

In a nutshell, this is a film for older people to remember what was it like to be cool when they were young. They can remember the olden days, while the young’uns can just laugh about the ridiculousness of the whole situation. Fun for all family!

I know this was the time for “free love” and all, and the scene in the locker room is funny, but it could use fewer close-ups of asses. Make jokes, not butts.


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