National Treasure

Run of the Stuart Mill Brownian action flick. Franklin, I liked it.

When I say “Brownian”, I not only refer to pretentious extraordinaire Dan Brown, but also to Brownian motion, because the film never stops for breathing, everyone is constantly running around to the next plot beat, with little rhyme of reason.

The plot is about a Templar treasure hidden somewhere with clues hidden all over the place, including in the back of the Declaration of Independence. Evil men want all the treasure for themselves and are willing to shoot the main characters in broad daylight on Wall Street to get it. The good guys are content with taking only 1% legally obtained payday.

Nic Cage has no space to shine, this is what prevents this from soaring to high grounds. The nerd and the hot librarian do good enough job, but ultimately this is just a regular Saturday afternoon film with an historical veneer. At least it’s not über-serious like The DaVinci Code.


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