Pacific Rim

Go Go, Jägar Rangers.

I like how direct this film is. It knows what it wants and just does it!

It hits the floor running, the first minutes establish everything you need to know. Evil monsters are coming from the ocean floor and humanity unites to destroy them. Some extra tidbits are given along the film, but nothing that can detract from 15 minutes long brawls between monsters and humanoid mechs à la Power Rangers. The brawls bring more damage to the surroundings than hurricanes and earthquakes, and there is an awful lot of car alarms going off.

The scientists are very annoying, particularly that JJ Abrams wannabe. It makes me want to punch him in the face. The rest of the cast makes up for it.

Ron Perlman appears doing what he does best, supporting characters that steal most scenes they are in. They should have him narrate that initial voiceover, what a waste. Idris Elba looking insanely cool in that suit, so much that he gets downgraded into a battle uniform. Literal GLaDOS on the main Jaeger voice, Ellen McLain’s voice is unmistakable. The Hunnam guy is fine, but he also gets the short end of the stick, getting to be the audience surrogate. Rinko Kikuchi gets a much better character that doesn’t end up in Hunnam’s pants, which is refreshing.

Complaining about “wrong science” in this kind of film is completely pointless, but I will do it anyway. The only one that stands out as unnecessary is the alloy-free thing, pure materials are weaker than alloys. Mechs made from iron in seawater are the recipe for disaster.

That is completely irrelevant, as there is a massive battle in the ocean floor, and 4 kilometres of water above them feel like air.


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