The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

The one about the cardinal sins. Throw in a science strawman to be torn apart.

The main quest is to retrieve seven swords that correspond to the deadly sins:

  • Lucy is Envious of Susan’s good looks.
  • Edmund finds a pool that turns everything to gold and gets Greedy. They even find another sword near some more gold, where some other guys ran off, representing Avarice?
  • The film was pushing 2h of runtime, so they put 4 guys around a table full of food, the Gluttons.

Their cousin is a brat, but after getting turned into a dragon he learns to be humble. That’s some truly insane troll logic.

Aslan all but mentions he is a metaphor for God without using the G-word, nor using G-strings. By Rule 34, drawings of Aslan in human undergarments will magically appear in time.

I don’t understand why there is a limit to the number of times they can come to Narnia. I can understand that living decades as kings and one day go back to being kids could make them go bananas, but why not return to Narnia?

Sometimes they miss their family, othertimes they want to get away from the real world without care. Maybe they are still kids, decades of ruling over a fantasy kingdoms are worthless in terms of life experience?

Is Aslan so cruel he would keep them trapped in the real world in war-torn England? The answer is clear.


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