Sister Act

Hallelujah! Another cool musical. I was nun the wiser they existed.

So, Whoopi is doing Reno (not even Vegas) cabaret acts, while sleeping around with the boss. After witnessing Harvey Keitel shooting a guy in the face, Whoopi enters into an FBI witness protection scheme that takes her to a nunnery.

It ain’t no nunnery in the Shakespearean sense, it is a bona fide nun house, complete with iron-fisted mother superior Maggie Smith. They lock horns right away.

When it becomes apparent the wheels of justice turn slowly, Whoopi gives up trying to stir up riots every day and turns her attention to an equally flawed institution: the chorus. She uses her Reno skills to turn their frown upside down, by bringing Gospel into their lives.

This explodes in popularity and the Pope itself will visit them. After lack of operational security leaks her location on national television, Harvey is coming for her. His clownish goons nab her and take her back to Reno to her final act.

The sisters “commandeer” a Cessna under threat of fire and brimstone and burst into the casino, rescuing one of her own in the nick of time. They manage to get back with time to spare to rock the Pope.


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