Hide and Seek

Jennifer Tilly is a half retarded maniac wannabe mother. Daryl Hannah is the forced surrogate mother. Together, they are at each other’s throats.

After visiting a fertility clinic and being informed the treatment was a failure, a couple goes home sad. The husband leaves on a business trip and in his absence the wife is kidnapped and stuck on a basement.

Turns out she was pregnant and the kidnapper works on the fertility clinic. They want to force her to have a baby and claim it was their own.

The husband quickly gives up on finding his wife since her death was staged by burning her car and throwing it off a cliff. His would-be lover says to him quite candidly “let’s fuck”, so he returns to being alone, broken-hearted.

The kidnapper’s wife is a real nut job, and kills him half-way through. When the surrogate mother escapes, she chases her in a skid loader.

All ends well, but long after the film had run its course.

I give it 7 out of C-Sections.


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