In Good Company

Good grief, what a milquetoast affair. Directed by the American Pie creator, here comes corporatist propaganda faux-raging against the system.

Dennis Quaid is an ad exec in his 50s when his parent company is gobbled by a Virgin-alike. They bring in a useful idiot (Topher Grace) to do the classic hostile takeover, lay off most of the staff, and sell the scraps.

This premise is amazing. You could treat the old guard as Mad Men and the new hotness as Silicon Valley, engaged in a civil war over who is the most despicable human being. Who can maximize shareholder value by strip mining attention from the populace in the most efficient manner?

Topher’s character is so pathetic he divorces his newly-wed wife and goes out with a jailbait Scarlett Johansson, daughter of his new underling. It backfires.

There is so much product placement it’s ridiculous. Practically everything they use is branded clearly to the viewer. The rest of the film is more of the same clichés that were old decades ago.


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