Neo-Luddites vs Singularity-level AI. Who will win?

Spoiler alert: both lose. The Ludds think they are fighting HAL, but it turns out this AI is Jesus Christ, healing the crippled, making the blind see, turning toxic sludge into drinkable water (that disgusting liquid where fish piss). He just want his Mary Magdalene to join him in TechNirvana.

After she is hit with a howitzer shell, the AI grieves by committing suicide to be with his lover, thus killing all networked computers in the world. Humans were not worthy of being incorporated into the Borg, so the benevolent dictator capitulates.

There is now a market for Alex Garland wannabes, greenlighting this kind of crap. I shudder to think what else Hollywood will produce in the future.

Elon Musk appears in a cameo, on the crypto-TED talk right in the beginning. He is probably hedging his bets.

I for one, welcome our messianic AI overlords.


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