The Arrival

Invasion of the Body Snatchers with Charlie Sheen in “tiger blood” mode.

He works for SETI and finds some sort of signal from the stars, Contact-style. After taking the results to his superior, he is fired and his wife leaves him.

Not being so easily demoted, he impersonates a cable guy and rigs dozens of parabolic antennas into his tool shed. He manages to track down a signal from Mexico, and goes there. He finds the aliens have arrived and are pumping greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, to “alienform” the planet.

After managing to escape with a fake skin and being framed for killing another scientist he met there and knew too much, he gathers evidence from his JPL boss, who is one of Them.

He then tries to broadcast this information with his wife that comes back, and gets attacked by some landscapers, part of Them.

This plot must have been rehash more times than the Bible, but it can be tweaked endlessly. Coupled with inspired script and passable special effects makes for a nice lazy Saturday film.

I give it 7/Megahertz.


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