Snow White: Fairest of them All

The incestuous love child of Labyrinth and Terry Gilliam.

Caroline Thompson is not one of those names that pop up, but the writer of Edward Scissorhands, The Addams Family and Corpse Bride is very well know. She directed this adaptation that focus on Grimmifying the well trod plot.

“But somini”, you say from beyond the screen, “we are up to our necks in reinventions of children’s stories butchered by Disney! Surely that is no novelty!”. Not in 2001 you don’t. And don’t call me Shirley.

With a very famous cast even. Clancy Brown, Miranda Richardson, Vera Farmiga (doesn’t even appear in the poster), Lois Lane from Smallville. Even the dwarves are famous: the one from Pirates of the Caribbean, the one from Twin Peaks and Warwick Davis.

One of the dwarves is just a regular guy and nobody mentions anything. They also get together at the end and say ‘well, off to Sleeping Beauty now’.


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