RealDolls are people too (Incredibly NSFW, you have been warned!).

This is set 20 minutes into the future, in a world wrecked by climate change. The world is so bleak even middle class life sucks. Bots do the menial jobs, propping up feeble pockets of civilisation. The wastes have some people too, but they are only seen getting gunned down by guards. AI exists, but the Turing cops enforce a version of Asimov’s three laws, including forbidding repairs that might enhance their intelligence (this is eerily realistic).

The protagonist is a private investigator, Fight Club style, who searches for Turing violations and enforces the no-repairs clause. His wife is expecting a baby, so the last thing they need is a wild goose chase for a sexbot “repaired” into sentience by a back alley techno-witch.

And yet, he moves into that. When the zaibatsu big bosses get wind of this, they send their enforcers and things turn sour. All things end in a pyrrhic victory for the protagonists, as a good proxy for humanity as a whole, but it is clear we will not last long and the future belongs to the bot AI.

This is ripe for a sequel in the far future, where the bot society develops into a primitive robotic society and some maverick bot historians search for the origin of artificial life, finding human remains and paraphernalia. Make sure to include a shock ending like Planet of the Apes.


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