Love & Other Drugs

Boner pill commercials masquerading as the Boogie Nights of romantic comedies.

I was under the impression this would be a scathing critique of Big Pharma and how they pour trillions into marketing, instead of spending that money into researching new cures and less life long daily prescriptions. Or how insane the entire healthcare system in the US is.

None of that matters. This is about the old in-out in-out. How the protagonist does it with anything that moves and his brother doesn’t.

The healthcare shtick acts as a background chat subject for post coital conversations and provides the initial encounter between the protagonist and his future better half: pretending to be a doctor so that she plonks a boob outside her clothes.

That lawsuit-level encounter leads to many an intense orgasm, followed by ridiculous breakups, only for them to getting back together by the power of the cock. Viagra only gets in the picture later on.

But wait, the plot thickens. She has Parkinson’s disease before her 30’s, and a convention of other patients leads to a brutal straight talking scene about the consequences of that disease. Suddenly this is an hardcore drama, with big trips to find cures and angst over it being incurable.

Get the fuck outta here!

Not even a peep is said about Pfizer spending trillions in marketing while diseases go untreated. Incredible how this seems to pass over everyone.

A sad 2h long reluctant Viagra commercial.


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