The men with a name that drags a coffin around.

The establishing scene has the hooker with a heart of gold being tortured by Mexicans when the Klansmen kill them and start torturing her too. Django kills the baddies and rescues her. This leads to some mud wrestling with part of the hookers against Django, and others for him.

Still dragging that coffin, he gets to a saloon. KKK dudes come knocking and are wasted by Django. They return the next day with a crowd. By now, the big secret that he has a Gatling gun in there comes out, blasting the baddies.

Then come the Mexicans, and they steal a local fort for a bunch of gold. While they get drunk, Django steals the gold and run off with the hooker. They caught up with them and, due to greed, Django loses both the gold and the girl is shot. His hands are trampled by horses.

The Mexicans get back to town and are ambushed by the KKK Grand Wizard, along with the fort garrison, wrapping up that plot thread.

Turns out the girl lives! Django still has strength to face the Grand Wizard on a cemetery and kill him.

He walks out of there into the cloudy sunset. Fine!


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Ephemera of Vision