Ender's Game

Just like The Dark Tower, this seems like a peek into an entire universe, ending on a cliffhanger. It seems the epic sci-fi standalone story is a thing of the past now, it’s all vignettes now.

This particular vignette is Starship Troopers with a dash of Lord of the Flies. Hyper militaristic society manages to repeal technologically superior invaders, and wants revenge. Genocide of their species is the only way.

The main characters are all kids, and a mother and father figures straight of the 50s stereotypes. Just like those stereotypes, the mother figure is constantly fighting a losing battle in his education. The kid resents his father, even reaching hatred levels, but he still does his bidding anyway.

I though Digital Domain was an FX company, why are they credited so prominently? Weren’t they bought by Chinese money?


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Ephemera of Vision