The Salvation

Oily western that doesn’t let its amateurish CGI brighten its dark soul. Nearly everybody dies, and the living are left broken beyond words.

Brothers Jon and the other dude leave their native Denmark to toil in the frontier for 7 years. Finally his wife and teenage son arrive, to be harassed by drunkards on the way home, leading to their deaths before they even seen their house.

Turns out one of the drunk guy is the brother of the local warlord Bad Hombre (not his name), and he goes postal. Since the town sheriff has no leads on solving said murder, the Bad Hombre just murders 3 random people outside the saloon.

Eventually people put 2 and 2 together and realise Jon is the one responsible, so they turn him in, to avoid the crippling protection racket from the warlord.

Jon’s brother is also taken in by association, but he evades prison and releases his brother from the Bad Hombre’s clutches, getting killed in the process.

Jon goes on a rampage and murderizes Bad Hombre and all his gang. A local boy whose grandma was shot in cold blood assists him, but he dies too. His other help is the wife of the recently dead drunkard, a tongueless scarred woman, raped by uncountable burly men.

The local warlord is just a front for the oil company, who is rounding up all the local land for the oil, with the help of the sheriff and the mayor.

Not exactly a bog standard noir western, it’s slow paced and well shot. The atrocious CGI doesn’t distract from the rest, even though it’s truly awful.

Eric Cantona is part of the gang, and he is shot in the dick.


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