Daughter of God

Stars off as a simple “Ana de Armas in many costumes” drama, but starts progressively weirder until it clicks, and from there you can see the ending, which is fucked up.

It’s simple to cut this into 2 parts, separated by the main character announcing she is pregnant. Until then, you have a “standard” thriller about poor people in the projects, being harassed by cops and robbers alike. After that scene, you reinterpret the entire thing from the start. It only gets worse after that.

Apparently this was butchered by some American producers into an action thriller featuring Keanu Reeves, who appears here just in a bit part. Who in god’s name they managed to do this I don’t know. He just speaks terrible Spanish most of the time.

That controversy should not detract from a solid first time effort, fairly compared to Irréversible, but not reaching such heights.


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