A low rent Alex Garland film with lower budget and amateurish acting, brought to you by The Hot Jesus.

The plot follows the Apocalypse faithfully. Humans have sinned by polluting the world, letting Trump make speeches, and bombing Syria to the Dark Ages (all featured), so Aliens will play God, foisting Judgement Day upon us. This being XXI century, this takes the form of a Survivor-type reality show.

Just like reality shows, the person that wins has no skills, other than being an attractive fertile-aged female. She is also amnesiac and is directly coveted until death by no other than 3 other dudes.

Post #MeToo there is no longer full frontal nudity on low budget films, so we get a single instance of toplessness from the back, and a male bum diving into the ocean.

This is set on the Azores, which are beautiful, but neutered by the cinematography and FX. Sad!


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