Friday the 13th

An horror classic, spawned an enormous amount of sequels, but this is the origin story. The twist ending was never brought back, for some reason.

A bunch of horny college kids go work on a summer camp, and their boss is as horny as them. There’s some spooky stories about some past stuff, the locals call it Camp Blood, but sounds like old wives tales to them. Maybe it’s because the creepy stuff happened in 1958 while the rest is set on “Present”, over 40 years ago now.

As time goes by, they keep preparing the camp and have steamy hot sex in between (at least some of them consummate it). Still, the slasher doesn’t care, and purges all sinners in gruesome ways.

Until we reach The Final Girl. The only girl reluctant to play Strip Monopoly. The one that actually wears bras and modest clothes, so that her nipples aren’t so prominent. The one who resist the advances of the boys.

I’ll give away the twist now, since this film is almost 40 years old now. Turns out the slasher was none other than Jason Vorhees’s mother.

Jason was a deformed young boy (this is never explicitly mentioned) who was on the camp in ‘57, when the evil monitors went on sexcapades and he drowned. His mother was a cook and she has been ever since boycotting the camp to avenge her son. This includes 2 murders in ‘58, uncountable arson episodes and weird shit over the years, and now these 8 murders in cold blood. She kills them while mimicking her dead son’s voice.

The final girl takes care of business by beheading her with a (trademark) machete. She is then attacked by Jason when she escapes to the river in a canoe. He is never found, and will keep haunting the horror genre for decades…

This is surprisingly violent and sexually explicit, compared to Nightmare on Elm Street for example. It’s completely in your face about everything.

One of the horny boys fucking around is a young Kevin Bacon, treated like a hunk of meat, available to ravish nubile youngsters on demand.


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