Rutger Hauer’s Paid Getaway. Ruins, Porking, Gloating. Standing for “Real Playing Game” is a sick joke.

Roy Batty (sorry Battier) goes to Rekall for geriatrics. They have new tech that downloads their brain into newer bodies.

9 rich old people do that, and their avatars fight / fuck to death, for the chance of being young. It’s a game without food, so they must be hungry. A game of deception, since a deathmatch on some ruins is a silly application of this tech.

The last person standing gets be forever young, which happens to our protagonist. It appears, though, it was all a ruse, and he paid up for a Strange Days-like experience. This has more conflicting interpretations than Blade Runner.

The best part of this is the end credits, the Bond opening genre is alive and well.

Bit parts para Victoria Guerra, Soraia Chaves; talented actresses debasing themselves to lower their Bacon number. Shame.


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