Good Bye Lenin

A satirical look at the transition from late-stage decadent DDR into unified Germany, by way of complete exhaustion. Should always be accompanied by Das Leben der Anderen for a more complete picture.

The fake newscast at the end is important to imprint that sense of disappointment, of moral victory yet actual defeat that permeates the whole experiment.

The main character embodies that in a nutshell. Before the wall falls, he’s highly critical of the regime and resents her mother for accepting the system as-is. Just like an immigrant becomes ultra nationalist, after the wall he feeds his mother the alternate reality he wanted the DDR to be.

The reveal of her father’s reasons to leave, and her mother’s fall from grace moots this whole enterprise. The fact is that everyone was lying to everyone means the old ways were the true farce.

It would be nicer to get an update to this story for the current days. Did political nihilism took root and our protagonist joined the AfD, after confirming the western problems that travel attached to the Eastern Marks were correctly diagnosed?


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