Jason Bourne

A high budget remix of all other Bourne films, for the money. It gets better on the second viewing. A great cast, not so silly plot (with parental bullcrap, but eh) and high octane action sequences.

The Facegoogle equivalent has a CEO who cares (Riz Ahmed being the likeable bad guy, again) and is willing to expose the XKEYSCORE equivalent, CIA be damned. His CFO is an agency mole, but he shuts up once a 7.62” bullet hits his arm.

Previously, the Assange-expy (Dassault is a better name than the real deal) get knackered by Bourne.

This came about because Nicky is playing Chelsea Manning and gets murderized by another Treadstone asset (a wasted Vincent Cassel). Said murder happens during a fictional Golden Dawn protest on Syntagma Square that turns Athens into a war zone (molotov cocktails flying around, burning sofas dropping from buildings, shock troops charging over protesters).

The CIA director is masterfully played by Tommy Lee Jones (minus lying to Congress under oath, that was left out).


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