A Bridge Too Far

The eventual depressing sequel to Saving Private Ryan. A top-down fretting of the generals over thousands of dead, massive collateral civilian damage, and chaos; just a regular war. 3 hours of relentless defeats, failure and waste of effort.

The Spielberg variant is not only technically superior (with 20 years of interval, granted), but it focus in the little people, not the generals. I accept that Spielberg chose the easy mode, in several ways:

  • D-Day was a (nominally) successful operation instead of miserable defeat of Operation Market Garden
  • After they take the beach, Saving Private Ryan turns into jingoistic flag waving bullcrap. Billy Crudup gets the short end of the stick.
  • To stick the knife in, Saving Private Ryan starts and ends with the present day framing device, preposterous stuff

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Ephemera of Vision