The China Syndrome

Pretty face reporter and her activist cameraman accidentally runs into a major accident at a “nukular” power plant, followed by a cover up, the classic money trumps safety. She is brushed aside, since her brains were not why she’s there, while the cameraman is just an independent contractor.

The controller dismisses reporters several times, while investigating internally and getting stonewalled. Eventually, he turns whistleblower, and gets death threats and is chased through the freeway. The whistleblower cocks it up and does stupid things, nearly derailing the whole effort.

In the end, PR wins over journalism, thus proving the point of the chauvinist pigs that dismiss her. This is a warning shot for everyone involved on these situations.

Our intrepid reporter has a pet turtle (briefcase-sized) and lounges in bed with her, eating old lettuce and reminiscing about the moronic bosses.


This is my place for ramblings about sequences of images that exploit the human visual limitation know as persistence of vision.

Ephemera of Vision