The Long Kiss Goodnight

Shane Black writes La Femme Nikita sequel? Sign me the fuck up. The only way this could be improved was to replace some explosions by quips and comebacks between characters. My favourite Christmas movie.

The plot is pretty simple. Evil CIA pricks (an oxymoron) want more dough, after the president spends all their money in Healthcare, the idiot. They saw how the budget increases rolled after the 93 World Trade Center bombing, but the bad guys don’t just plan attacks on American soil anymore, so they can just do it themselves. Teaming up with some arms dealer who was on the kill list just a few years before, they plan to blow a Weapon of Mass Destruction in a small-ish town, kill 4000 people (such specific numbers…), and blame it on the Muslims.

The plan nearly succeeds, if not for the involvement of a “retired” Nikita, with a mysterious amnesia that turns her into a soccer mom. Her sidekick is an all around useless Private Dick.


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