Um Amor de Perdição

The Cliff’s Notes version. Über-depressing, almost makes you weep for idle rich aristocrats.

Bad Boy Protagonist lives with a batshit family. The father is permanently carrying a stick up his ass, seeping with rage over some minor kerfuffle with some other bureaucrat. His brother and mother are doing Oedipus impressions. Everyone hates the other with a fiery rage. Only her younger sister is a balanced human being, flirting with the pseudo-slave and getting a timid response.

One day, the Demure Love Interest appears out of the blue and our Bad Boy goes completely gaga. Of course she is the daughter of his father’s nemesis, and their parents would rather kill their sons than merge families. She is semi-engaged to her cousin, some stuck up moron who doesn’t warrant any characterisation other than boorish twit.

Bad Boy goes postal when their parents try to separate them, and leaves the family home. He goes to some bootleg car workshop, where he meets his Obi Wan and the Working Class Love Interest. She starts to drool, but our protagonist does not give a shit and just wants to use her to get intel on her beloved, which only hurts her more.

The couple longs for each other in their respective palaces, until the girl’s father forces her to marry her cousin. Obi Wan had a life long debt to the protagonist father, and so he help him see her for one last time. Even if this means invading their house and cripple the guards saving her.

The Working Class Love Interest nearly throws herself at him, but he does not even look at her. She settles for sniffing her bedsheets and rubbing herself over his pillow.

The Demure Love Interest stops eating, and they try to take her to a loony hospital, but our Bad Boy murders her cousin/husband in the process. They then both are wasting way, while the Working Class Girl keeps fanning the flames of lust.

Obi Wan gets murdered due to his involvement in that break in, taking Working Class Girl to the pits of despair. Not that our Bad Boy cares.

They both die with profound longing, but our Working Class girl gets the short end of the stick. She is minding her own business, when the Bad Boy appears, and now she is all alone without prospects. She should be the focus of this plot.


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