Little Joe

Another take on The Thing / Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but without communists. A man-made fake happiness creator, must be Instagram.

The protagonist is a naïve plant breeder just wants everyone to be happy, so she inadvertently brings about the Apocalypse, as a flowery Borg.

As usual with this Thing, the dog notes it first. And so does the dog owner, a depressed flower breeder. She was already a pariah, but after some of her coworkers being snatched and engineer a way for her to be infected, she goes rogue and just fakes his own infection.

The meme passes to the protagonist, which begins to suspect of foul play, after her own kid is snatched by their personal plant.

The depressed woman is tested by the Borg and cracks, which means she is a liability and gets whacked by coworkers.

Only our protagonist remains her self, having her feelings intact, genuine, not faked. When she tries to sabotage the plants, she is clocked by the “meek” guy and gets Borged up. None of us are safe now.

Veronica Cartwright in Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Ben Wishaw is of course the shy and meek co-worker too afraid to ask his secret crush on a date, as always. But after huffing the happiness crack, he takes the initiative and goes from wet blanket to sandpaper.

I was convinced the credits song was from Yello, or Kraftwerk. A dead ringer.


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