Easy Rider

Two guys roam around America and see all that is, was, ever will be. Lives which are solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. Finis coronat opus.

After a particular successful dope deal across international borders, two buddies nicknamed Billy (the Kid) and Wyatt (Earp) pickup the raddest choppers ever and get their asses to Mardi Gras. Look at those handlebars!

Was it me, or are they warping around the US? The Paul Bunyan statues comes up before Monument Valley. They went to Minnesota and doubled back to Arizona? It was just me, turns out it’s not a Paul Bunyan statue, it’s just a random lumberjack.

They pick up the first hitchhiker, a free love enthusiast heading for his commune. He pays for gas and everything, but gets really stingy about possible desecration of Native ground.

The commune itself is not much different. If feels closer to an harem: there’s a bunch of women for few man, and a couple of kids too. A troupe of artists is part of their community too.

The woman seem to do most of the work: the first thing one of them complains about was about one of their neighbours appearing out of the blue with dozens of people for dinner, and asking for 5 kilos of rice for themselves.

Their neighbouring “commune” are a bunch of kids without food nor means of producing it. Their numbers are thinning (I’m assuming they get back to their LA mansions, not by starvation).

Finally, Billy is just on edge and they gotta go. They get to a local stream to swim naked with a couple of girls, and get gifted some LSD tablets, for a special time.

The ACLU lawyer doesn’t know what the word “dude” means, man. Plus, it’s groovy. Far out…


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