A Fistful of Dollars

Amateurish sanitised Yojimbo remake, with the humour replaced with protracted gun massacres and grumpy men. Makes getting shot in the heart a nice activity.

This is not a shot-for-shot remake with guns (particularly because a revolver is such an important part of Yojimbo), but it’s close-ish. As the saying goes, the good parts are not original, and the original parts are not good.

This is much more focused on the protagonist as the übermensch, unstoppable triumph of will, but not with guile and cunning, just quick draw and riding horses very fast. Pretty much all the comic relief is turned into gritty gurns.

The Marisol subplot is simplified beyond recognition. Without the comedic bumbling fool, the protagonist just wrecks the place and gets caught right away.


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