This is the quintessential “modern” reboot of an older IP which was radioactive as fuck. Who’s you gonna bore? Ghostbusters. I ain’t afraid of no repetition.

Is this a bland retread of an already crap film? Yeah, but at least the most toxic sludge is removed. Is the feminist angle nominal and hammered in? Yeah, but at least there’s no Gatekeeper and KeyMaster. Is Chris Hemsworth completely miscast? Yeah, I have no answer for that.

This is a completely different case from Ocean’s Eight, where a fantastic film gets a bland retread. This is a improvement over the old piece of crap, losing some of the edge. It’s the Kingdom of Crystal Skull effect…

As for the film itself, it’s a modern American comedy, blended with a summer blockbuster. I like the evil ghosts turn gentrified NYC into the old New York of Taxi Driver et al, with the brothels in Times Square, crime, squalor and poor people everywhere.

Even the political situation is sanded down to a generic mush, without the oppressive and Stalinist state interfering on the God-given transactions between private individuals in pursuit of filthy lucre.

So much bullshit about the gang not being together preventing more films, and the living cast make cameos anyway. Scott Meyer was right.


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