Highlander II: The Quickening

In 2024 (the hypothetical end of Biden’s first term), the ozone layer is kaput, and Earth is an irradiated hot mess. The Sunrise Movement has gone rogue into ecoterrorism, lead by a future Bene Gesserit.

The Dune comparison is not random, there are some flashbacks where MacLeod and Sean Connery (The Spanish Casanova) are Fremen, apparent. Baron Harkonnen is a gleeful Michael Ironside. Virginia Madsen is also on it, for god’s sake!

There’s even some kind of subplot where Sean Connery is a fish out of temporal water, Bean-like. He goes around calling people “shithead”. He gets into a tailor and demands a suit ASAP, complete with silly music. He goes on a plane trip and wonders about the sorcery!

Of course the Sunrise Girl is turned of by witnessing MacLeod decapitating two people and they fuck right there in the rain-slick industrial tetanus-riddled wall. Publicly.

The plot is how the Highlander created a contraption to replace the ozone layer, but a corrupt company is milking that now that it’s not needed anymore. The world is a literal post-apocalyptic industrial hellscape, even our hero is mugged on the streets and punched by random streetwalkers. There can be only one, and he is the one that blows up the shield with his body. One longing look at the girl, and that’s it.

This is unbelievably crap. I’m pretty sure I saw the Director’s Cut (the one with no aliens), and still couldn’t follow what was happening.


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