Mutant Blast

Troma still exists? Wow. This is right up their alley, but spoken in Portuguese. A much better output than Linhas de Sangue, against all odds (budget, ensemble cast).

The plot doesn’t really matter, it’s simply a bunch of vignettes connected by common characters. It manages to keep up the silliness to cross the line twice into absurdity. This includes fourth wall breaks, like bleeping over any mention if “zombies”.

The highlights are really Jean Pierre (the lobster) vs samurai dolphin in jeans. It includes the classic soapbox moment for ecological rants which single-handedly turns the film into “art”, from some manchildren playing with toys and fake blood.

The “main” plot is just a side show. Bonus points for Rat Hand too, it has a lot of charisma for a glorified piece of felt with some sound effects.


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Ephemera of Vision