Lisbon Story

Classic meta film about itself, where the characters fight with the meaning of the it all, with rants about advertising while containing product placement. The Madredeus soundtrack is appropriately eerie.

The protagonist finally finds his buddy in the end, but he was there all along, roaming the city looking for that meaning and finding it on the guerrilla cinéma vérité, pictures taken without human intervention. This could almost be a modern rage against the machine generated images, the robotization of the world, Artificial dehumanisation, but that’s just a projection of the current angst into romantic philosophy intra-cinematic.

Calling the scenes on the old Cinema Paris a “rant” is a bit too much, I particularly liked the kid doing the crosswords with the marquee letters.

I did not know that M.O.S means silent.

Nice to see Lisbon as it was, and seeing the laments of those who thought it was nearly gone. It’s a never ending story, the grass is always rosier when seen through older cameras.


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