The Man with the Iron Heart

This is awful in so many ways, it’s hard to pin down. The attempt on Heydrich’s life was more successful than this pitiful attempt at a biopic. It’s both very long, and too abbreviated.

Starts off with the repellent Weinstein Company logo, immediately tainting all the nudity with the stench of semen on potted plants. Oh, and there’s flesh galore. I shudder to imagine the sets…

After that, you get a bunch of disjointed and cheap standard Hollywood Nazi tropes (fucking Tarantino), zooming back and forth between epochs, without any care for historical context, or even helpful dates. A series of vignettes.

Too much time is spend of POV shots of stuff, and not giving the viewer some kind of “picture” of what’s going on, or what the main character is up to.

Analysing this dude from this film, it seems he was a nasty Navy officer, completely oblivious to the world, until he is snatched into the arms of NSADP by an upper-class heiress. She nazifies him up the wazoo, until he gains the ears of the higher ups by leading the Night of the Long Knives and later the Einsatzgruppen. By then, his genocidal work leads to her wife begging for sex unsuccessfully, which really make her demure and sad (this is insane, coming from a sexpot that literally picked her husband in a party, and stayed with him after it was revealed he was fucking some other simple minded girl he conned).

After the Einsatzgruppen are just too damn slow, even when blackmailing the army generals, he devises the Final Solution to the Jewish Question. Some guys come out of Scotland to blow him up, and he passes the torch to some other guy, everything is a complete failure.

Several villages are razed to the ground by Nazis in retaliation for this attack, for suspects the assassins are originally from those towns. “Razed” means cast into oblivion, demolish and burn all houses, destroy roads leading there, the whole shebang.


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