The Conspirator

The American Film Company casts dozens of lobsterbacks for another historical reenactment of Sic Semper Tyranis. It also has greased lenses for the indoor scenes…

Kevin Kline is probably the only American with some lines. Robin Wright is from another English colony, for crying out loud! Stephen Root has a mere cameo as a bona-fide Southerner.

This is actually a court procedural about Mary Surratt, a innkeeper that aided and abetted John Wilkes Booth, his BFF Surratt (her son), and the other conspirators.

There’s also a Weichmann, which is either a turncoat or a full blown Union spook. All witnesses the defence calls are spooked by the military. It’s a foregone conclusion no one will save her.

After witnessing such miscarriage of justice, Aiken will be involved in a new paper, The Washington Post. It’s sad that is now owned by the richest man in the world.

This is continuation of the same religion perfectly expressed in The Three Days of the Condor: American Exceptionalism, progressive edition.


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