In My Room

An entire film dedicated to the common retort “Not even if you were the last man on Earth”. Shaun of the Dead meets The Hangover, with more dicks since this is a German film.

Our protagonist is a complete loser, sleepwalking through life, usually drunk. After a particular fuckup at work, he goes to a club, brings home a girl and fucks it up again, creeping her out almost as soon as they enter the apartment. He then visits his father and kills his bedridden grandma, by passing out while he was supposed to watch her. He escapes to his mother’s place, but she doesn’t give a shit about him.

After literally getting piss drunk under a bridge and sleeping it off, he notices everyone has disappeared without a trace. Some sort of Rapture, and he stayed behind to atone for his sins.

After giving his grandma a Viking burial (AKA burning the evidence), he retracts to a bucolic life of his youth (perhaps?), raising livestock and planting potatoes. Frequent raids to the city never leave him wanting for booze.

One day another truck shows up, and it turns out to be Eve, a Tirolean Lara Croft. No yodelling, though.

After some time of peaceful coexistence, he insists on leaving his unprotected penis inside her vagina and she snaps, considering it a very big breach of protocol. Their relationship was predicated on no kids. Yet another fuckup…

After leaving in rage for a while, she returns for one last time, but our “hero” has not changed a bit. So she just goes out quietly into the afternoon, ignoring his final plea for company and promises they leave together.


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Ephemera of Vision