Color Out of Space

Lovecraftian The Thing, with added Nic Cage. The black dude doesn’t even die, eat shit Lovecraft!

The perfect family lives in the sticks, just living out their lives with 2.3 children. The dad tends the farm while the mother is a day trader, gambling other people’s money. The older teenage boy is a pre-stoner slacker (learned from the best), while the girl is a Wiccan goth, strolling the land in a white steed. The young kid still likes his dinosaurs.

Their peace and quiet is interrupted first by a scientist surveying the construction of a large dam nearby. By interruption, I mean provoking embarrassment in young goths, and cruel reprimands from the old hippie mother. She is just like her mother.

The second interruption is more serious. A meteorite oozing purple pink colour falls from space to their front lawn. Nothing is ever the same after that. Not only the patriarch is humiliated on TV, the mayor wants to turn this into a talking point for her political campaign.

After the fall, strange things start to happen, without explanation. People lose track of what they are doing, sometimes for hours. Animals disappear, strange plants and greenery start to flourish.

Once it is in motion, there’s no turning back. All life is reclaimed by the entity, and mere humans are unable to comprehend, let alone interact or push back. We are nothing but small krill in a big shark tank.

This a small-ish budget thing with a pretty strong cast, practical effects, and lush landscapes (incidentally filmed in Portugal, Sintra by the looks of it). I thought I recognise the young girl from somewhere, but apparently not…

The director wrote The Island of Dr. Moreau and Jodorowsky’s Dune. How’s that for a CV?

The stoner old man who lives off grid nearby is Chong, of Cheech and Chong! Hardhat! Hardhat! Who is this is?


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