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  • Benedetta

    Paul Verhoeven does a simpler version of Elle, with added black plague. Another unnecessary addition is the “based on a real story” bullshit.

  • Manchester by the Sea

    Patrick O’Malley, drunken Irishman, is so Irish, Catholic, and homophobic because he is a blue-collar working class fisherman. Not a Boston yuppie like Ben Affleck, a real human.

  • Lady Bird

    A middle-class middle-of-the-road Bildungsroman.

  • Climax

    Gaspar Noé on the cheap can still pay off. And his trademark craziness is toned down, despite the title, this is only a bit weird.

  • The Thirteenth Floor

    VR Porn leads to an old man’s death, since his climax led to clarity about the system of the world. World on a Wireless Headset.