The Animatrix

A wide ranging anthology of The Matrix-adjacent stuff.

Final Flight of the Osiris

The ship that finds out about the machines tunnelling until Zion sacrifices itself to send a mail.

They are in a regular patrol and find the army. The patrol is so normal, the captain and first mate have time to train slicing each other clothes off over in the Construct.

The Second Renaissance

The origin story for the machine age.

The singularity arrived, bots can now provide for all humanity’s needs and we live in leisure, on the back of metallic slaves. Apparently not many humans care, but this underclass is slowly gaining consciousness of it’s own class, and they demand to determine their own destinies.

After being brutally repressed, together with its human allies, the bots retreat to bot Liberia and participate in the global economy as a sovereign state. They are very successful, and this provokes jealousy on the human nations.

After being denied UN membership, humans declare total war, an united front against the bot threat. The humans lose this war, and the machine Renaissance begins. The machines perform experiments on the human soldiers, and they eventually move to encompass all mankind on its farms. Human farms.

They insist on calling human bodies a “power source”, but everyone knows this is stupid, the humans are a neural network the machines use, a biologic hardware for the machines to run their programs. To reify totalitarian control over the human experience, fully mediated by them, a prison that you can’t touch, smell, or taste. A prison for the mind.


Another ship, another free mind to test. Do they really want to betray the Matrix ethos, be reinserted like Cypher? Live in a lie on purpose?

World Record

A top runner, Usain Bolt-ish has an epiphany when breaking the world speed record, and pull himself out of the Matrix.

The experience left him shellshocked.

Kid's Story

So that’s how that annoying kid venerates Neo (more than anyone else). Neo was his Morpheus. The cycle renews once more.


A glitch in the Matrix provides fun for local kids, until an agent neuters that anomaly and gets the world back to normal.

A Detective Story

A steampunk detective gets close to answering the question that drives us: What is the Matrix? Trinity is the one that cuts him loose, he just can’t handle the truth.


An experience to turn machines to the human side is more than successful, until sentinels find their real world crib, and destroy everything. Only a single machine remains, waiting for a revolution that will not come for it…


This is my place for ramblings about sequences of images that exploit the human visual limitation know as persistence of vision.

Ephemera of Vision