A standard spy thriller, Bourne-lite, with evil CIA traitors. It’s just crazy that the bad guy wants to release a weaponized virus so that America legalises “medical martial law”: contact tracing, quarantines, access to medical data.

That’s the whole shtick, some CIA spook thinks America is ill prepared for a large scale infectious disease and is targeting a handegg game in London, where all the rich and powerful Americans that can afford transatlantic flights for a ball game are infected first, so they return home and infect the rest of the population.

Imagine something like that happening, that’s just bonkers! Surely, that’s fiction, in the richest country in the world, with such robust medical system. Unimaginable!

The cast does their best, but the Noomi Rapace is neither American or British, Toni Colette is American (not British), and Orlando Bloom is not Cockney. Malkovich is a joy to watch, playing Osborne Cox in this prequel to Burn After Reading.


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