A Few Good Men

What truth? You can’t handle the truth! This is just a military courtroom drama, but it’s still air-punching great to see injustice vanquished and the All-American Justice System (the JAG military types) restore honour to innocents.

I say military courtroom drama, but it’s more something like religious propaganda. Sorkin believes that American Exceptionalism is the true religion, that a courtroom with 12 peers can vanquish any and all corruption and vice in any institution, no matter how politically connected.

Hell yeah, a general goes to jail because of a minor incident of a single bullet shot across the Guantanamo border into Cuba. The Code Red stuff is just internal affairs, that’s an even weirder take. This all takes place in the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” era, and suddenly Code Reds are haram?

Demi Moore has a crappy role to play. I guess there’s not much place for woman in the American Exceptionalism canon, except as goading the heroes into acting.


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