Fatal Instinct

The superior Basic Instinct parody, where the femme fatale puts on underwear instead. Raunchy, but tasteful. Worth it for the cast alone.

And what cast! Eartha Kitt has a cameo as a judge with a single socialist joke, Carl Reiner himself is a judge in a urinal. The hero is Armand Assante of Judge Dread fame, the femme fatale is Sean Young from freaking Blade Runner, and the secretary is Sherilyn Fenn, Twin Peaks represent. I never saw the wife anywhere else.

The plot is pure film noir, but with a few extra twists and turns. Our hero is both a cop and a lawyer, busting perps by night and defending them in a court of law by day. Usually the same people.

She meets the femme fatale, who practically throws herself at him, but he rejects her advances, either by sheer dumbness, or because he has a loving wife at home.

That’s what he thinks, but she’s getting screwed by the mechanic. He’s working on her car at home for 7 months now, popping the hood, tweaking some parts, pistons travelling up and down shafts, he’s not doing any work at all. But they are secretly planning to kill the husband to claim the 9 million dollar insurance policy.

There’s also the secretary, the brains of the enterprise, a meek girl constantly helping our hero and having flashbacks to her past towel-based abuse.

Eventually, our hero gets the girl, one of the three. The one that receives a paycheck of course, this is still a left wing take on film noir.


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