Where Do I Begin? Life is Sweet, The Salmon Dance, Snow falls.

Hanna will then Leave Home, Surrender, move to Another World.

In captivity, she will “sing” the Song to the Siren, then Escape Velocity until The Sunshine Underground. Sometimes I Feel So Deserted.

Her quest is afoot, It Began In Afrika, without any Horse Power. Her first Music: Response is done Under Neon Lights, leading to Swoon and Go.

She finds a kind, hippy family, and gets a metaphorical Taste of Honey. A Star Guitar plays, towards the Setting Sun. No One’s Driving with any purpose other than living life to the fullest.

The stars align for Hanna and her new friend, Hey Boy, Hey Girl. During some Midnight Madness, they want to Just Bang, but she is Out of Control.

After this close encounter, her friend asks her to Come Inside, Close Your Eyes, follow the Golden Path. I Think I’m In Love.

The bad guys catch up to her. She bamboozles them in Loops of Fury, Shake Break Bounce. Don’t Think, just Fuck Up Beats. She arrives at Das Spiegel.

Meanwhile, Erik doesn’t care about No Geography. He reaches Denmark. After some Block Rockin’ Beats, he thinks “ The Universe Sent Me my daughter”.

By this time, their relationship reaches The Test. She thinks of herself as Voodoo People, that’s just The State We’re In. Bring The Pain, Let Forever Be.

They separate for the last time. Erik fights those Swastika Eyes, but has no one else to Catch Me I’m Falling. His days are over in a Playground for a Wedgeless Firm.

Hanna finally reaches the real Marissa, I See You There. Get Yourself High is not enough, nor is Get Up On Like This. On the Eve of Destruction, Hanna has some Battle Scars.

The worst part is that she is Alive Alone.


This is my place for ramblings about sequences of images that exploit the human visual limitation know as persistence of vision.

Ephemera of Vision