Blast from the Past

This is a more romantic twist on Back to the Future, just another excuse to have the good old 40’s and 50’s back in the spotlight. At least the theme park version.

I say “more romantic”, but the leads butt heads for basically the entire film, even after she drops the facade and admits her feelings. Reverses the usual story of a naïve girl being won over by a cynic man, and changing him: the naïve men wins her over, but he’s the one that changes.

Since our protagonist is a manchild in a good way, not a Rain Man, you get hilarious beats where he takes everything literally, gasps at the sight of the sea, the sky, smut.

The parents are also a lot of fun: Christopher Walken as a wacky millionaire inventor marries an adult Carrie, a stay-at-bunker mom, constantly worried about cooking the best pot roast, or scoring some Jack Daniels. Humanises the most virulent McCarthyist sensibilities.


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