The Northman

A very modern take on the revenge plot even though our “hero” murders uncountable people in the most gruesome ways, his raiders of the land of Rus burn up hundreds in a barn (Come and See, history rhymes), and not even his mother escapes his night blade. This is exactly what Beowulf wanted to be, but wasn’t.

Amleth is just a child, when is father is wounded in battle. His uncle smells blood and teams up with his mother to take over, by ambushing them. Amleth escapes due to an underling’s treachery, never discovered.

Years pass and Amleth is berserking away freely, when Björk remembers him of his quest. His best bet is branding himself as slave and get to Iceland, to avenge his father, save his mother, recover the kingdom.

He is helped by the foretold maiden to enact revenge on his family. Eventually, he “familiarises” himself with her, but instead of letting sleeping dogs like like she wants, he goes back for safekeeping and kill his Lady Macbeth mother, half-brother, before having a massive fight to fulfil his destiny.

Revenge gets him nothing: he dies anyway, so his children and orphans. Don’t trust the epilogue, they are not safe. Should have listened more to his “wife”…

This is also what Skyrim wanted to be, a Hammer of the Gods with more budget.


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