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  • The Twilight Zone: The Movie

    An highlight reel for the Twilight Zone spirit.

  • The Meaning of Life

    A 90 minutes long Flying Circus episode, minus people with military uniforms saying all that was silly. Even though it is.

  • WarGames

    The only winning move is logic-bombing on HAL. Finally the long awaited sequel of The Breakfast Club where the cool girl doesn’t end up depressed.

  • The Dead Zone

    Celibacy is not worth it, it leads to gruesome deaths.

  • Christine

    So much modernity in ‘83. Radio-activated garage doors. 20 years old cars are “classics”. Self-Driving cars, powered by soul-sucking entities that demand you change your personality to conform to their ideals. A bit more bodycount than the Tesla “Autopilot”.