Police Story 3: Super Cop

This is just amazing. Should really be called Secret Service Story.

Jackie Chan is the Hong Kong “super cop” (it’s a pun with his name, the entire film is filled with this), and he must take down some drug lord, so he goes undercover. Michelle Yeoh is the police chief in the mainland, but she’s also from Interpol, so they work together.

She goes undercover as Jackie’s sister, after some theatrics in some forgotten Chinese village full of hillbillies. Maggie Cheung plays Jackie’s girlfriend that he lies to, saying it’s just a training mission. “Luckily”, she is suddenly a tour guide that happens to go to Malaysia and meet the bad guy so that she can be kidnapped and thrown out of a helicopter.

The Malasyan climax includes fights on top of moving trains, Jackie hanging by rope stairs and thrown under the same train, Michelle Yeoh jumping into the moving train ON A DIRT BIKE (bloopers show her falling into some improvised mattresses), people getting nearly decapitated in the chopper’s tail rotor. Fun for all family!

Also, the bad guy first appears with a Sega Genesis, playing “Bare Knuckle, the original Japanese name for the Streets of Rage series of video games”.

The bloopers are on YouTube. Motorcycle jump at 1:08:


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